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Interested in Fostering a Shelter Pet?

Fosters play such a critical role in our shelter pets' lives. We offer overnight, short-term and long-term fostering opportunities to fit every lifestyle!


Short-Term Foster Opportunities

Studies show even one night out of the shelter environment drastically reduces stress levels in shelter pets. We love sending our animals out for overnights and playdates. Take a dog for a hike, host a cat for a sleepover - there are so many ways to help our shelter residents take a much-needed break!

Overnight Sleepovers

Traditional Foster Opportunities

Fostering a pet is a great way to help a shelter animal learn crucial behaviors in a home environment, which then increases their adoptability. Occasionally, we have a dog or cat that needs a little more TLC than our shelter staff can provide. Foster families play a key role in their success.

Our pets love to cuddle and a sleepover is a fun way to give them a little relief from shelter life. 


We have a beautiful walking trail near the shelter and everyone loves stretching their legs. 


Going on a fun daytrip and want to have a buddy? Our shelter pets would love to tag along!

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